Access to the application with your tablet or smartphone

Swiss + French Ski & Snowboard schools already use the application Booking-Snow

Some highlights :

  • Complete solution with online reservation, automated reservation & planning management, accessibility management (instructors, office, third party sales point, admin. ... ), automated SMS to the instructors on reservation, employee and financial accounting, ….
  • Complete accessibility over the Net (3G, WiFi, LAN) and also  console programs with synchronized local databases in case of connection loses.
Some of the benefit brought by the use of Tablet:

1. On site 'live' control of the participant lists (Photos)

  • Allows booking up to the last minute by the sales point
  • Control of late arrivals
  • Customer file visualization (update) with phone number, etc...
  • No waste of paper, editing lists
2. On site direct booking (slopes, restaurants, ...)
  • Visualization of the instructors planning = Confirmation of availability
  • Direct planning blocking and confirmation via SMS to the instructor
  • Guides availability check for special tours
  • Sales increase!
3. Special event management
  • Slalom participant lists
  • Management of the school participant list
  • Direct booking at slalom start
  • Transfer by mail of the participant list to the timing cabin
4. Torchlight descent
  • Participant management, on site booking, …
5. ...

Photo taken at the Kids Village of the The Swiss Ski & Snowboard School of Thyon - Les Collons, altitude of 2'150 meters, Swiss Alps, with the Dent-Blanche and Matterhorn / Mt Cervin (just covered by the TegaV2...) in background.